• Question: Do any of your family members enjoy science?

    Asked by 657menb42 to Psychiatry Ward Team, Neel - Psychiatrist, Home Treatment Team, Early Intervention Team, Ed - Mental Health Nurse, Arts Therapy Team, Annabel - Head of HR on 29 Jan 2019.
    • Photo: Sheffield Psychiatry Ward Team

      Sheffield Psychiatry Ward Team answered on 29 Jan 2019:

      Hi! Emma here! 🙂

      I am the first generation in my family to go to University, and to college! I am the only one that had the opportunity to ‘formally’ study science, but I think science extends way beyond what you can learn in school. For example, my family like watching David Attenborough TV shows, and camped out to watch the lunar eclipse a few years ago.

      Also, we all liked watching Breaking Bad, but I’m not sure that counts as science!! 😉

    • Photo: Arts Therapy Team

      Arts Therapy Team answered on 29 Jan 2019:

      not really, and my job is more arts based. medical side more science

    • Photo: Home Treatment Team

      Home Treatment Team answered on 30 Jan 2019:

      Unfortunately i am the only family member who has been privileged to get to university. I came from a broken home where no one educated me as my mother could not read or write but i always had determination to better myself and i pushed myself hard to achieve what i have now.