• Question: who is the can multitask the most out of you group

    Asked by faith to Psychiatry Ward Team, Home Treatment Team, Early Intervention Team, Arts Therapy Team on 30 Jan 2019.
    • Photo: Sheffield Psychiatry Ward Team

      Sheffield Psychiatry Ward Team answered on 30 Jan 2019:

      Hi Kylie

      Hehehe a bit of competition!

      Working in the NHS we all have to do a bit of multitasking to get the job done. Luckily the team I work in is absolutely fantastic and we all muck in to help. There are some things that only doctors/only nurses etc can do but everyone can make cups of tea for a busy colleague, help clear up the office etc.

      We have 20 patients on our wards usually, so we are simultaneously looking after all of them! This includes meeting with them to talk about how they are feeling, monitoring their physical health, potentially increasing or decreasing medication, meeting with families, writing reports, teaching medical students and so much more. I’m exhausted just typing all of that haha!

      Working in healthcare can be very busy, the hours can be long and it can be hard, but it’s also incredibly rewarding! We’re like one big family and help and support each other 🙂

    • Photo: Home Treatment Team

      Home Treatment Team answered on 4 Feb 2019:

      Steven here, well……ME! : )
      Actually we all multitask well but as the team works well together and we trust and support each other it never really feels like you have to cover everything yourself.