• Question: Do you find your job stressful as you have to travel to different places in the day ?

    Asked by Leah to Home Treatment Team, Psychiatry Ward Team, Neel - Psychiatrist, Early Intervention Team, Ed - Mental Health Nurse, Arts Therapy Team, Annabel - Head of HR on 30 Jan 2019. This question was also asked by random :).
    • Photo: Home Treatment Team

      Home Treatment Team answered on 30 Jan 2019:

      I don’t find it stressful travelling to work as i often look forward to see everyone and the patients. But it can be quite stressful travelling across a large area of South London trying to visit all the patients within limited time. Although some patients may only wish to see you for 10 mins and others will want 1/2 hour or more. Most patients are understandable if we are a little bit late due to the heavy traffic as they are glad of the support.

    • Photo: Arts Therapy Team

      Arts Therapy Team answered on 30 Jan 2019:

      i get fed up with long journeys and traffic jams, and prefer being at my main base with my lovely colleagues! but I don’t drive around all day like some community health workers

    • Photo: Sheffield Psychiatry Ward Team

      Sheffield Psychiatry Ward Team answered on 30 Jan 2019:

      Hi Leah, Emma here
      I quite like the travelling and use the time to listen to music or podcasts 🙂
      We don’t do as much of it when working on the wards as our patients are all in the hospital but as a doctor you also do some work in the community too.