• Question: does the nhs recieve a lot of money each year because i remember someone saying the new prime minister is giving more money to the eu than the nhs leaving them broke??

    Asked by boss man brandon to Psychiatry Ward Team, Neel - Psychiatrist, Home Treatment Team, Early Intervention Team, Ed - Mental Health Nurse, Arts Therapy Team, Annabel - Head of HR on 23 Jan 2019.
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      Home Treatment Team answered on 23 Jan 2019:

      Steven here, the funding for the NHS changes quite a lot but the demand for its services always goes up. So it is important to try and find more funding for the future so the NHS can carry on being affective and free people.

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      Arts Therapy Team answered on 24 Jan 2019: last edited 24 Jan 2019 11:10 am

      mandy here:
      I am not good on budgets – not the best to explain – and this is a political question – but briefly the NHS is vast and very costly.
      we have an aging population so always need more resources for the elderly.
      mental health treatment is costly, partly as the medication is expensive
      people who decide on how to spend the money have to juggle multiple health needs – medication, hospitals, GP (primary care)
      when more money is allocated to the NHS, it is quickly absorbed into multiple services and people may not see a difference

      over the past few years there has been money put into increasing access to psychological therapies (IAPT) for mild/ moderate anxiety / depression
      in arts therapies we work with people more severely mentally ill than that

      you may also be interested to hear that part of the NHS plan is to have trained people to work with schools and colleges to help with mental health of young people

      sorry I don’t feel equipped to comment on Brexit/ EU!

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      Sheffield Psychiatry Ward Team answered on 24 Jan 2019:

      Hi Brandon! Emma here 🙂

      I’m not too sure about how leaving the EU will affect funding as it’s all still a bit up in the air, but generally the NHS is vast and expensive.

      I think this video might be useful to explain how the NHS works https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/audio-video/how-does-nhs-in-england-work

      Hope that helps!

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      Neel Halder answered on 28 Jan 2019:

      The NHS can always do with more money as it take a lot to run it. I am please the prime minister said she was going to spend more money on mental health. This has been underfunded for a long time. As for what happens after Brexit, your guess is a good as mine. I do know that there are a lot of European funded research projects which won’t have as much funding anymore so this is a problem.